5 plaid coats you definitely need for winter

Lust list: plaid coats


Every year when October rolls around I go into coat-scouting overdrive. My desire for chic outerwear is even more intense living in London because the winters are more mild. You can get away with wearing a wool coat – perhaps even partially unbuttoned. Whereas in New York City’s you’re pretty much required to zip yourself into a full-length sleeping bag from November to March.

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Is this Copenhagen’s most stylish hotel?

Hotel Alexandra Copenhagen

Okay, so let’s back up here a bit. I’m going to come right out and say Hotel Alexandra is the only place I’ve stayed in Copenhagen. It’s also the only hotel I’ve even stepped foot inside. But, I still feel reasonably confident saying it might be the most stylish. Or one of the most stylish. Top 10? Top 25, for sure. Okay, regardless – it is very cool. I’ll elaborate…

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