Street style: statement sunnies

New York street style

As much fun as it is to share my own daily attempts at awesomeness, it’s even more fun to analyse other stylish ladies and admire their genius outfit creations. Today’s street style addition to the Lovely List comes from the one city I love almost as much as London town: New York City.

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Sunday style: boyfriend jeans and Oxfords

what I'm wearing: Sunday style

For this chill Sunday, I decided I needed a laid-back, simple look to take me from coffee to shopping to PBRs and more. I bought these relaxed boyfriend jeans from H&M years ago and I just recently decided to distress them DIY style. I let loose with a pair of scissors and a razor (and I think maybe a cheese grater… the details are a bit fuzzy) – and this is what I came up with.

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What I’m Wearing: Interview Outfits

Best interview outfits

I’ve been bouncing between freelance gigs for the past few months and looking for my next permanent position. I’ve had loads of informal coffees and meet-ups and a handful of actual full-blown interviews.

Of course, all of these events required their own meticulously crafted outfit. Now some people (aka my ever-practical husband) may be of the opinion that when you’re unemployed (or under-employed), you shouldn’t be shelling out for new clothes. But I think that’s exactly when you should be buying new things. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than a first impression – and looking the part is half the battle. (Okay, maybe not half, exactly. But it definitely factors in.) Plus, having the right big-day outfit gives you just that confidence boost you need to nail an interview.

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What I’m Wearing: Summer Coats

Blue summer coat Zara

Now that I’ve been in London for more than a year, I can safely say I’m falling in love. (Shh… don’t tell New York!) But one thing that I’m still not used to is the summer weather – and the need to purchase a coat specifically for the season. In NYC, the closest I ever came to needing a jacket (let alone an actual coat) was the summer was the wooly cardigan I kept draped over my desk chair to battle the frigid AC blasting in the office.

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