10 Christmas jumpers that are actually cute

cute Christmas jumpers

I’m a huge fan of Christmas jumpers – and not just in a “wear for your Tacky Sweater Party” sort of way. I like them in a “wear all throughout December” sort of way. Definitely whilst opening Christmas presents and drinking Bloody Marys. Probably to the pub on Sunday. And maybe even to work over a denim shirt and a leather skirt. I’m even on a mission to make Christmas jumpers mandatory for our office Christmas lunch in a few weeks – but I haven’t quite convinced the masses yet.

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10 lovely things from River Island

River Island winter

If you follow my posts (or my credit card bills) you know that River Island isn’t always in heavy rotation. But for the prices, RI is definitely worth perusing at least once a season. What started out as a quick click-about as I scarfed down a skinny ham & edam from Crussh (more on that later) at my desk today quickly turned into much a more involved investigation.

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10 Lovely Gifts I Got for My Birthday

Birthday Gifts 30th birthday

Well, it happened. I turned 30. Of course I did the typical “where is my life going, what am I doing, is it finally time to get Botox?” freakout. But then I just pulled my shit together and decided to focus on what’s really important: the gifts I received. (You know, besides my friends, family, husband, health, etc…)

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10 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Pairs of shoes every woman should own

Anyone with even the slightest shoe obsession knows that the right footwear can totally transform an outfit. I have a somewhat love-hate relationship with shoes (more on that later) — and because they’re really difficult to find in my size, I can’t always buy every bright High Street shoe I fancy. But somehow I always manage to have at least 10 pairs in my rotation.

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