10 Valentine’s Day gifts to buy yourself

 If you’ve been in a relationship for between two weeks and one year, Valentine’s Day is a special time to get all dolled up, shave your legs, spring for a blowout and a mani-pedi and enjoy an over-the-top romantic date night with your man. However, if you’re single or have been in a relationship for longer than a year, it’s pretty much just a normal day that happens to fall at a time when there’s loads of hearts and pink stuff in the store windows.

Sure, you may share a nice dinner with your hubs or receive flowers or a card. (Personally, I typically prefer to stay in and drink champagne and eat food in the comfort of our home. I still get dressed up, though, because that’s part of the fun.) But when it comes to gifts, I say take the pressure off the dude and just buy yourself a little something nice.

In case you need a little inspiration, I’ve rounded up some gift ideas that I know I’d be happy to receive… from myself. Some are of the pink-heart variety, while others are just things that are generally awesome. There’s no better way to say, “I love me!”

sheer heart socks

Sheer Heart Ankle Socks, ASOS, £3

These socks are so cute. They’d be adorbs with block-heeled sandals to really show them off. Or with white trainers and cuffed jeans for casual Valentine’s strolls. And, actually, they’d be just as fun to wear underneath boots – because you would know they’re there and that’s all that matters.

Cashmere jumper Uniqlo

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater, Uniqlo, £59.90

I’m a strong advocate for building a solid line-up of cashmere crew neck jumpers. I have this lime green one that I tend to reach for more often than not. But I could also use a more neutral colour hanging in my wardrobe. And for 100% cashmere, you really can’t beat this price.

heart bra & Other Stories

Spirit Animal Print Bra, & Other Stories, £25

It looks like hearts, but this delicate bra is actually covered in tiny fox heads. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day without being overtly cheesy. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! See exhibit heart socks for proof.) You’ll probably want to also spring for the matching panties because no one wants a half set of fox-print lingerie.

heart pizza iPhone case

You Stole a Pizza My Heart iPhone Case, ASOS, £8

I don’t know which I love more: pizza or puns. So really this iPhone case was made for me. Speaking of which… should we get Firezza for dinner tonight?


Urdhva Yoga Leggings, Sweaty Betty, £85

The best way to get motivated to work out is by purchasing new workout gear. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a brand new piece for the first time, so I can pretty much guarantee that I’d get my butt to the gym the minute I brought these babies home. Now, getting myself to wear them more than once may be a greater challenge. (By the way, I’ve never actually bought anything from Sweaty Betty before because the price is a bit cray-cray… but now that I’m looking I’m developing a slight obsession. Can I also buy these? And these?!)


PU Pleated Midi Skirt, Topshop, £55

I love this Topshop midi skirt. The blush colour is perfect for V-Day without being too aggressively girly. I’d wear it with a black turtleneck (obvi) and pumps for a romantic dinner out. Or maybe a logo sweatshirt and my black patent ankle boots for a more relaxed dinner… or a sparkly crop top and white trainers.

metallic beanie hat & Other Stories

Knit Beanie, & Other Stories, £25

I’m of the opinion that you really can’t have too many knit beanies. And while I have a few, I don’t have any that are metallic – or any in this perfectly awesome shade of mustard. This would be the perfect little treat-yourself purchase to sweeten up your V-Day.

Ted Baker Stud Earrings, Nordstrom, $35

These are so simple and cute – perfect everyday earrings. And yes, they are in USD because even though I can’t actually buy anything from Nordstrom while I’m in London (unless I want to be pay ridic shipping fees) I still really enjoy perusing the site.


Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, Smashbox, $25

I read about this genius lipstick-hacking product and have become obsessed with trying it out. It’s currently only on sale in the US, so you’d better believe I’ll be picking up a tube when I’m in NYC next month. Apparently it turns any lipstick into a matte finish, so you can get all Kylie Jenner with your favourite shade (without spending a month of your life constantly refreshing her lipkit site because just no). Also, supposedly it does not leave you with flaky dry lips. I will report back once I get my claws on this guy.

Siren Red Velvet Sunglasses, Topshop, £16

Okay, I actually have a similar pair of sunnies from Gap – but this is about what you should buy yourself for Valentine’s Day, not me! Actually these are way better than my current pair because they’re velvet, which automatically makes them awesome.

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