5 prints you need for winter

fashion prints for winter

One of my favourite ways to make an outfit look cool and non-boring is by mixing prints. For me, deciding which prints work together is really just about trial and error – and to get it right, you have to start with the individual pieces.

Over the summer I was wearing a lot of floral prints and mixing them with stripes. But once autumn arrived I started phasing out the flowers and replacing them with more season-appropriate patterns. Clearly that has led to me putting tartan and plaid on heavy rotation. Yes, I know. I talk about it a lot and it’s not the least bit original. But I really cannot get enough of this classic wintertime print. It easily makes my list of the top 5 prints for the season.

The other four will also probably come as no surprise for those who know me and my wardrobe. But I’ll go ahead and point them out anyway….


Dogtooth (aka houndstooth)

winter prints dogstooth

Perhaps one of the reasons why I’m feeling this print right now is because I’m really into monochrome. And unlike leopard print, which I happily condone in various colours, this really is best when left to its original black-and-white scheme.

YMC Dogtooth Zip Trough Cardigan, ASOS, £119
Dogtooth Print High Waisted Shorts, River Island, £30
Karen Millen Dogtooth Jean, Selfridges, £90



winter prints tartan

My Scottish friends would probably point out that I’m playing it a bit fast and loose with the word tartan here, but I’m including various plaids/checks. They’re all good. I’m also having a real moment with windowpane checks and they nearly earned their own spot on the list, but not quite.

Wool Zip-Pocket Skirt, Gap, £39.95
Maxi Pocket Shirt, Zara, £25.99
Kazan Checked Coat, French Connection, £190



winter pritns stripes


Okay, not exactly a “winter print” per se – but I always have time for stripes. A black and white (or navy and white) Breton stripe is classic and so easy to style.  A thin stripe works pretty much like a solid and mixes easily with other prints – like in this outfit. Or this one. But I also have a lot of time for vertical stripes. In fact, I actually just bought this striped Zara shirt and I plan to wear it at least once a week until things get weird.

Stripe Chunky Shawl Cardigan, Gap, £49.95
Joseph Striped Wool-Blend Midi Skirt, Net-a-Porter, £275
Loose Fit Printed Shirt, Zara, £19.99



winter prints leopard


Every time I consider buying a new piece of leopard print clothing, my husband asks “Isn’t that over yet?” And the answer is always, “No, dear husband. It’s not over. But thank you for asking.” Now the real question is: do I need two different leopard print pencil skirts? I mean, one is pale pink and more of a midi – so when you think about it, they’re actually two very different, very justifiable purchases…

Lenah Leopard Print BodyCon, Whistles, £160
Leopard Tube Skirt, Zara, £25.99
Animal Print Skirt, Warehouse, £36





Last but not least, I have loving feels toward snakeskin at the mo. Extra props if it’s actual snakeskin – on say a shoe or a bag. But a snakeskin print on a metallic trouser fills me with just as much joy.

Metallic Snake Cigarette Trousers, Topshop, £42
Sophie Hulme Snake Pouch, Selfridges, £130
Printed Court Shoe, Zara, £39.99

Tell me, Lovelies… how many of these prints do you have in rotation? Any favourites that I’m missing out on?

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