6 very different ways to wear one shirt

Back when I was single I would occasionally spend entire nights listening to music, trying on every single item in my wardrobe and coming up with interesting (and sometimes crazy) outfit combinations. These days, MR thinks devoting a whole evening to tearing my closet apart is a bit strange, so I don’t do it quite as often. But this new Zara shirt inspired me to let my closet tornado loose and get creative.

I spotted the long blue check shirt at Zara (£29.99) and it immediately caught my eye. I’ve been wearing this red check Madewell shirt on repeat, so I knew I could make space for another go-to plaid shirt. Plus, I liked that it was so long. I began conjuring images of rocking this season’s tricky (but uber-cute) dress-over-trousers trend.

But once I tried it on, I realised the limitless possibilities. Okay, maybe not limitless in the Bradley Cooper sense… but, seriously, it’s versatile AF. Is it a dress? A shirt? A skirt? A jacket? Ooh…yes. All of the above and more. (More, I say, more!)

Here are six different ways to wear this long check shirt – and I’m pretty sure I’ve just tapped the surface here.

1.Loose over trousers

This look was my husband’s least favourite, which kind of makes me like it more. I buttoned the shirt up to the top, pushed up the sleeves and wore it with trousers and trainers. Choosing more slouchy trousers with a rolled hem helps make the look more modern and keeps it safely out of dress over leggings territory (a non-safe zone I know very well from the years 2004-2009).

Trousers: H&M
Trainers: Nike

2. Tied up with flared jeans

If you roll the back under, unbutton the bottom buttons and tie the front together at the waist, this long shirt can morph easily into a normal shirt. Paired with flared jeans, it gives off that ’70s vibe that’s unavoidable at the mo.

Jeans: Gap
Boots: Sam Edelman

3. As a dress under a cropped jumper

From the ’70s to the ’90s… this look kinda seems like something Cher Horowitz would wear. If she was also hanging out with the cast of Reality Bites.

Jumper: Banana Republic
Necklace: Madewell
Boots: Barefoot Tess

4. Tucked into a maxi skirt

I think this look might be my favourite. I love the checks with the leopard. Plus, the great thing about the length of the shirt is that it won’t come un-tucked throughout the day. (Kind of like a bodysuit but without the snap crotch.) Also, this is actually just a standard maxi style skirt, but I tied the side slit into a knot. (See, I told you I was crafty.)

Skirt: Oasis
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Monica Vinader

5. As a longline jacket

I love this pale-blue leather pencil skirt. And although it brings out my inner Khloe, I do I think it’s a bit too curve-huggy for the office. But worn unbuttoned, the shirt works as a relaxed jacket that covers my bum and gives the look a more relaxed, casual vibe. (The sneaks help with that, too!)

(Faux) leather skirt: Zara
Blue cami top: Topshop
Trainers: Nike

6. Tied around your waist

I’ve said it before, but I love the old tie-around. It’s perfect for this dress because it’s super loose on its own, so it creates a waist. Plus the long length of the shirt makes it hang even longer than the midi dress and almost looks like a skirt from the back. Throw on leopard heels and that’s your workday sorted.

Dress: Monki
Shoes: Sole Society

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