Found! The perfect high-waisted wide leg trousers

high-waisted wide leg trousers

For the past several years I’ve been exclusively wearing some version of cropped trousers. (That is, when I’m not wearing a skirt, dress or shorts. Or a bathing suit. Or workout gear. Whatever, you know what I mean.) With the exception of one pair of uber-cute flared jeans from Gap, the whole issue of buying trousers by length is one that I’ve happily ignored.

I’ve got a vast collection of ankle-length skinny jeans, cigarette pants and culottes. Sure, some of those were probably meant to be full-length – but when you’re 5’11 things don’t always work that way. Luckily, if the leg opening is slim enough, it doesn’t really matter. A shorter length is just an excuse to show a bit of ankle – or a really cute sock.

But all that has changed with the discovery of one wonderfully cute, flattering,  affordable and (dare I say) perfect pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers. And I’ll give you one guess as to where they came from…


(Okay, that was a bit more dramatic than was probably necessary. I just really like Asos.)

high-waisted wide leg trousers

The trousers in question are these Asos Trousers in Wide Leg with Side Detail and their perfection is three-fold…

1. They come in three different lengths – so tall chicks like me can choose the 34 inch and wear heels with confidence.
2. The high-waisted wide leg fit is equal parts cool, flattering and comfortable. I’m obsessed with high-waisted everything. They’re perfect for tucking in silk shirts and T-shirts or wearing with with cosy cropped jumpers.
3. At £22, they’re insanely cheap.*

*Okay, so full disclosure: part of the reason I’m so obsessed with these trousers is because I had them taken in at the waist to get a perfect fit. Because I’m more Kim Kardashian than Cara Delevingne, I pretty much have to do this with every piece of clothing that’s required to fit both my waist and my hips. So, I paid £15 to them tailored – BUT because they were so affordable, it’s still a steal. I now have a custom-fitted pair of trousers for £37 that look like they cost double.

The bottom line: If I learned anything from What Not To Wear, it’s the importance of tailoring your clothes. Don’t feel weird about paying almost the same amount as you spent on a piece to get it tailored – it’s so worth it. Also, buy these trousers.

After I got the trousers back from the tailor…

happy animated GIF

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