How I fell in love with Moss Copenhagen

Moss Copenhagen review

Okay, so I realise I’ve been going on a bit about my recent trip to Copenhagen. But from the delicious food to our stylish hotel, there was a lot to love. And to finish it off, I thought I’d share a very brief account of how I fell in love with a new clothing store: Moss Copenhagen.

In between drinking Toburgs and eating hot dogs we popped into several shops and boutiques as we strolled along. Many of them were the same as London – but Moss Copenhagen caught my eye as something new.

From the colour palettes to the fabrics to the aesthetic of the shop itself, everything appealed to me. Plus, the prices were really affordable. As I was admiring a few pieces, the shop girl asked me where I was from. I told her I live in London and then she delivered her hard-sell line: “Oh, well we’re only in Denmark, so anything you buy here will be completely unique.” I was sold.

I didn’t go too crazy – but I did pick up the three pieces above.

Velour top, 320 DKK (£32) — worn here
Black melange vest, 150 DKK (£15)  — worn here
Smil sweatshirt, 30 DKK (£30) — worn here

And if I had unlimited funds, I would have also bought these guys.

Moss Copenhagen review

Baltic handbag, 650 DKK (£65)
Dex necklace, 140 DKK (£14)
Beatrix bomber jacket, 750 DKK (£75)


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