Lust List: Faux Fur

faux fur vests, jackets

It’s just now starting to get chilly in London and, as always, the change in weather has me wishing for a whole new wardrobe. And while I may not actually be able to buy a whole new wardrobe, I can certainly look.

Of course faux fur is nothing new, and I’ve been wearing my classic fur gilet from Express for a few years now – but this season I’m seeing faux fur pop up on much more than just jackets and vests. Here are the top pieces I’d love to cosy up to this winter.

Borg Faux Fur Sweat, Topshop, £28
I’d wear this soft, cropped sweatshirt with a high-waisted pencil skirt or over a silky dress.
Borg faux fur sweatshirt, Topshop

Combination Fur and Wool Coat, Zara, £89.99
I love the mixed materials on this pale-pink number.
Fur and wool coat, Zara

Faux Fur Panelled Jumper, Michael Michael Kors, £155
This gorgeous black jumper is sporty and luxe at the same time.
Faux fur Michael Kors jumper

Faux Fur Pencil Skirt, Warehouse, £45
When I think of faux fur, I don’t often think of pencil skirts – but this combination totally works. The added texture is the perfect way to dress up a classic grey staple.
faux fur pencil skirt, Warehouse

Pink Crop Faux Fur Jacket, Warehouse, £65
I wavered for a minute before decided that, yes, there is definitely room in my wardrobe for two pale-pink faux fur jackets.
Pink fur jacket, Warehouse

Faux Fur Mitten, Whistles, £45
I usually struggle to see the point of mittens. I mean, they’re just so limiting and impractical. But these babies just look too soft to pass up.
Faux fur mittens, Whistles

ASOS Faux Fur Coat in Mono Stripe, ASOS, £85
This fluffy, oversized coat would definitely get me noticed in a crowd – but on days when I’m feeling particularly bold (and cold!) it’d be the perfect pick.

Mono stripe fur coat, Asos


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