Outfit ideas: prints for work

Outfit Ideas: Prints that work
Every Sunday I go through the same feelings of general sadness about the impending work week. Nothing too extreme because I actually like my job – just not as much as I like doing whatever I want at all times. But I find it helps if I at least know I have some awesome workwear to rock during the week.

I don’t have this exact outfit, but I can come up with something kind of close. Though, I do probably need to invest in that bright Oasis coat – just looking at it is enough to cheer me up. Also, it helps that I still have Homeland and Downton Abbey to watch tonight. I have a sneaky feeling that Carrie is going to get all scrunchy-faced and angry… and let’s just face it, Lady Mary is going to do something real slutty. Alright, Sunday evening is looking up!

But, still…

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