People are freaking out over these sequins

So in my ongoing attempt to read the entire internet/never go more than 45 seconds without checking Facebook, I’ve come across several articles about these reversible sequin ‘mermaid pillows’.

WTF! Pillows You Can Draw On! … OMG! These Pillows Are Made From Unicorn Tears! … Holy Balls! Sequins Are a Thing!

The headlines are dramatic. And people are absolutely losing their shit. Over a simple video of someone rubbing a pillow.

Now don’t get me wrong:  drawing with sequins is fun. And I can totally respect the urge to endlessly stroke the fabric like a glamorous, hairless cat. And I’m not even above a superfluous exclamation mark. But you can get the same effect without having to fill your home with tacky pillows.

The reversible sequin design is nothing new. It comes on all kinds of clothing and accessories. And because I happen to love sequins and sparkly things (in moderation), I happen to have three of these. One black and white crop top, one pink and gold t-shirt and a white clutch bag.

All three are super cute and really fun on a night out. You can add a design to suit the occasion – like when I want to be uber cheesy at a wedding and scrawl the word LOVE. Or if things get boring you can play an impromptu game of Tic Tac Toe. Just be careful that drunk people are not drawing penises on your back because that happens.

So before you splash out for sequin pillows of questionable taste, may I suggest opting for a top or bag, instead?

Lucy Paris top,, £42

I bought this Lucy Paris crop top at Bloomingdale’s in New York City, but I found it on sale for 42. Pair it with black high-waisted culottes or over a turtleneck, like in the flip video below. Definitely worth snapping up!

H&M sequin skirt

Sequinned skirt, H&M, £29.99

I absolutely adore a sequin pencil skirt – so much more chic than a mini. This would look really cute with a sleek turtleneck and heels for dinner or work, a leather crop top for a night out or even a slouchy sweatshirt and trainers for the weekend. Actually, I may have just convinced myself to buy it. I don’t have enough sequins, right?

ASOS Sequin shirt, ASOS, £55

Okay, I can’t actually prove that this top has that two-tone reversible effect. I kind of feel like it does, but I wouldn’t really know until I see it in person. However, with the collar and front pockets, who cares what the sequins do? This is so freakin cute. I can already see myself wearing it loose over my black leather shorts. Anyone want to buy it for me?

And in case you need more evidence of the awesomeness of this fabric…

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