Style stop: cool and coordinated

Matching Stan Smiths + laid-back fall fashion + Zara obsession

Location: Chelsea, NYC

A couple weeks ago, I posted about how my adorable 1-year-old nieces are nailing the art of best friend dressing. Of course, when you’re under the age of 10 you can pretty much get away with wearing anything and coordinating with your twin sis is sort of expected. But those two mini fashionistas reminded me of this adult duo that I stopped in NYC awhile back. They look to be about 25 years older than the twins – and they’re proving that coordinating with your best friend is just as cool in your 20s as it is in diapers.

I didn’t get much info about their looks because they seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. But they did oblige me and stop for a couple quick pics when I stopped them near the Meatpacking District.

The only part of their looks that are actually matching are their Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (green on the left and red on the right) – which, just like in London, seemed to be the footwear choice for nearly every stylish lady I saw.

But the rest of their outfits are somewhat coordinated, right? I mean, they at least look like they belong together and are headed to the same place (ie out for a casual day of shopping in NYC). And, like me, they both seem to have a major thing for Zara.

Even though I didn’t ask for clothing credits, I instantly recognised that mustard coat as this baby I’ve been eyeing for months. And I’m preeeetty sure that blanket scarf is also Zara… possibly last season. This could be its new-season version.

Also, the blonde chick clearly likes to shop at Uniqlo as well… so we’re basically the same person. If these ladies also like to drink wine before noon, then I probably need to joint their best friend group.

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