What I’m wearing: my Christmas haul

I must be getting better at hiding my deviant behaviour because somehow I seemed to fool Santa into thinking I deserved a place on the Nice List this year. After some super subtle hinting, I ended up with a pretty fantastic collection of Christmas gifts. And yes, I am including a couple things I bought for myself in the Boxing Day sales, as you do.

The days after Christmas can be a bit depressing as you reflect back on the 39 bottles of wine/port/whisky you drank, the 5.6m calories you consumed and the embarrassing renditions of All I Want For Christmas/Hotline Bling/Sorry you karaoke-d your heart out to in front of your in-laws. Luckily, I find that dressing up in my new shiz is a pretty decent way of combating the post-festive blues.

So, let’s start at the top (of my head)…

Hair: Courtesy of two days without washing and half bottle of Batiste dry shampoo.

Sunglasses: These Miu Miu hexagonal frames are pretty much the best thing to happen to my eyeballs since switching to daily contact lenses.

Turtleneck: I’ve become weirdly obsessed with turtlenecks lately. Stay tuned for an entire feature-length film (or at least a dedicated blog post) about why they are the best. In the meantime, I’ll just say that this sparkly, striped turtleneck from ASOS is my jam piece and only cost £20. Get one for yourself or live to regret it.

Vest: Call it a waistcoat, sleeveless jacket, vest, whathaveyou… but it’s cosy and it goes with everything. I bought a dusty blue vest from Topshop last March and then foolishly left it in a bar in Iceland after peeling it off to aid in my sweaty dance moves.  (If anyone sees it laying around inside The Big Lebowski in Reykjavik, I’d like it back please.) I’ve been looking for the perfect replacement ever since, and when I saw this guy in the Marks and Spencer sale yesterday, I couldn’t resist. (Okay, full disclosure: it wasn’t actually on sale. But it was during “The Sale”, so….) If you too would like to own the perfect knit vest, it’s by Autograph and it’s here for your shopping pleasure.

Necklace: Same one I almost always wear. You really can’t go wrong with Monica Vinader.

Skirt: Big fan of this faux leather pencil skirt from Warehouse. I wore it for my special birthday dinner in Copenhagen this year and also for my feeble attempt at being a “real-person” model for the Telegraph. But I typically don’t wear it to work because it’s a bit too Kardashian-esque on my booty. What it really needs is a nice bum-covering vest, which I just did not own… UNTIL NOW!

Shoes: Nike trainers. Will never tire of them… even though they are Gigantic Lady size.

Bag: Allow me to introduce my new bezzie. This gorgeous calf hair tote by Elizabeth and James was certainly a surprise to find under the Christmas tree and it shall be forever treasured until every one of its navy hairs falls out. Also, thanks to an insider connection, I have a sneaky feeling that it was purchased on deep discount… which makes me even happier.

Pom-Pom: And, lastly, this fluffy green and yellow faux fur UrbanCode pom-pom adds such a cool touch to the bag. Plus, it’s on sale at ASOS for just £8 at the mo, so that’s pretty legit.

I have to say, I think my Instagram Husband captured some pretty good shots here. Sure, I was only popping out to Tesco to stock up on milk and my body weight in zucchini. (Because after CarbFest2015 the only cure is zoodles.) But when there’s a tiny pocket of sunshine in these dark times, you take advantage of the natural lighting and get your bum into a gram-worthy outfit.

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