What I’m wearing: shirt or skirt?

Sometimes on a lazy Saturday I like to play dress-up in my wardrobe and come up with new outfit combinations. Mostly they’re crazy – but occasionally I stumble on something that actually works. 

To be fair, I already waxed lyrical about the magical powers of this longline button-up shirt from Zara. So if you’re sick of me freaking out over it then feel free to move on. (ByeFelicia)

But I discovered a seventh way to wear this piece so I just had to share.

I love a high waist – skirts, jeans, culottes, it’s a style that works for me. So the thought of wearing this shirt as a high-waisted skirt really appealed to me.

To make it happen I unbuttoned it halfway and stepped into it. Then I pulled the sleeves up to my natural waist and tied them in s knot in the front. I tucked the excess fabric up under the tie to create a sort of paper-bag waist.

I wore it with a simple striped tee from Old Navy, striped socks (I think they’re H&M), blue pointy shoes from Payless.

I’ve also got my quilted Zara handbag, gold Madewell pendant and cat-eye Dior sunnies.

I’d wear this with a tight black cropped tee in the summer – or even now with a leather jacket. But for now I’m happy to wear all of the stripes.

Happy weekend!

Feeling the Wizard of Oz vibe here… striped socks with pointy toes!

Showing off the side slits in the wind!

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