How to dress down a metallic leather skirt

metallic skirt Warehouse

Truth time: I have a lot of clothes that I never wear. Either they don’t quite fit right or I don’t have the pieces to pair them with… or they just kind of blah. So I got kind of weirdly excited when I resuscitated this skirt last weekend…

I bought this metallic gold leather Warehouse skirt as part of an ASOS haul nearly a year ago. I liked it immediately but for some reason I just couldn’t quite figure out how to wear it. I let it sit in a “maybe” pile for a few weeks until I accidentally threw out the return bag and had my decision made for me.

I wore it once for a night out but then let it just sit in my closet for the next 10 months. But now that I’m having a major love affair with my perforated Nike trainers, I found a new purpose for it. Turns out it works much better dressed down than trying to bling it up for a night out. Along with the sneaks, I paired it with this super-cheap green sweatshirt from H&M that I just happen to love and threw on my Massimo Dutti trench coat.

metallic leather skirt with trainers

The skirt is no longer available, but these two from ASOS are just as cute. In fact, I kind of feel like I need the purple one. I’m already thinking of the sweatshirt/sneaker combos I could wear it with…

Metallic leather skirts from ASOS

Story of Lola Mini Skirt in Metallic Leather Look, £38
ASOS Metallic Leather Skirt With Oversized Pockets, £70

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