What I’m Wearing: Camouflage and Leopard

Camouflage sweatshirt, leopard shoes

I’ve been absolutely loving the weather in London for the past few weeks. Autumn is always my favourite time for clothes because you can experiment with layering and throw on adorable jackets and scarves. But you don’t have to be so bundled up that your entire outfit is hidden under a long wool coat. Plus, it’s actually been sunny – which means I can show off my Mirrored Orange Flash Ray-Bans.

For this low-key Sunday stroll I wore distressed black denim from Gap, leopard loafers from Nine West that I’ve had for ages and wear with everything, a leafy sweatshirt that I bought last year in the men’s department at H&M and my new leather watch that I got for my birthday.

Oh, and I can’t resist a little squeal of excitement over the fact that my hair has finally (finally!) grown out enough to curl. It’s still not quite back to normal, but we’re getting close.

Camouflage sweatshirt, leopard shoes

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