What I’m Wearing: Interview Outfits

Best interview outfits

I’ve been bouncing between freelance gigs for the past few months and looking for my next permanent position. I’ve had loads of informal coffees and meet-ups and a handful of actual full-blown interviews.

Of course, all of these events required their own meticulously crafted outfit. Now some people (aka my ever-practical husband) may be of the opinion that when you’re unemployed (or under-employed), you shouldn’t be shelling out for new clothes. But I think that’s exactly when you should be buying new things. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than a first impression – and looking the part is half the battle. (Okay, maybe not half, exactly. But it definitely factors in.) Plus, having the right big-day outfit gives you just that confidence boost you need to nail an interview.

So I took the liberty of buying a few key pieces throughout my job hunt to mix in with what I already had and create some pretty effective interview looks. I’ll just go ahead and consider it an investment in my career.

So here are six interview outfits I’ve worn over the past few months. Guess which ones led to a job offer and which ones did not. (Hint: I have a 50% success rate.)

1. French Connection Water Flower Draped Dress, black tights, grey heels, Michael Kors handbag

Interview outfit: French Connection floral dress

2. Floral tee, Zara; skinny jeans, Banana Republic; blue suede heels, Payless; white blazer, Urban Outfitters


3. Black jeggings, Uniqlo; Blythe Blouse, J.Crew, Blush Fisherman’s Pullover, American Apparel, suede burgundy heels, Payless

Interview Outfit: American Apparel Fisherman's Pullover

4. Navy trousers, H&M; Eddie Tweed top, Piperlime; Blue suede heels, Payless, tortoise-shell glasses, Warby Parker

Interview Outfits: tweed blouse

5. Drawstring Loose Fit Trousers, Zara; Snake Jacquard Tee, Topshop; Michael Kors tortoise shell watch; nude studded heels

Interview outfit: silk Zara trousers, Topsho jacquard tee

6. White Luxe Trousers in Slouch Fit, Asos, Black+white striped tee, Dorthy Perkins; relaxed blazer; blue suede heels, Payless


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