What to wear to your work Christmas party

Anyone who has attempted to diet or detox during the month of December knows that it’s a ridiculous concept. The social calendar quickly fills up with fun friend events, family gatherings and forced merriment with colleagues. All of which require a healthy amount of fizz – and an unhealthy amount of wardrobe stressing.

If you’ve been around me on Black Friday you know that I’m not great at making decisions – especially when the stakes are high. I’m equally not great at deciding what to wear to Christmas parties. And when there are six “fun festive” dress codes to maneuver in a span of three weeks, the panic sets in.

This year, my strategy was to first focus the work Christmas party. It’s the one night of the year when we all put aside our grievances and tell dirty jokes over 85 bottles of wine. Okay, actually we do that about once a month. But it’s the only time where we get dressed up to do it.

The goal is to choose an outfit that feels fancy and festive but that I would still feel comfortable wearing while chatting with my boss. Much discussion has been happening in the office around the issue of whether or not a “tasteful side boob” is aprops for the occasion… but the most skin you’ll get out of me is a sliver of midriff under a tasteful crop top.

To aid in my decision making, I had a bit of an at-home fashion show the other night. I attempted to draw opinions out of my husband while he dutifully (if grumpily) snapped pics. But he quickly lost interest.

Anyway, these are the top five. Please help me decide!

I love sequins – anytime, really, but especially at Christmas. I wore this ASOS dress for NYE two years ago and haven’t worn it since, so I feel like I should probably revive it. Also I like that it works with comfy boots. I always end up regretting high heels around the time Hotline Bling comes on.

I posted about my indecision over this velvet Zara top last week… and I still haven’t full decided whether I love it. However, it’s pretty cute paired with my black culottes from & Other Stories and gold pointy-toed heels from  Nine West – and it is a nice alternative to the LBD.

I have to say, this one is probably the front-runner. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about lace on lace, but I think it kind of works. The crop top and the midi skirt are both from Zara and they’re definitely two of my faves at the mo. Only issue is how I’ll feel about the exposed skin after I start noshing on free party food…

This white pleated maxi skirt is part of Kendall and Kylie’s range for Topshop – and I really like it in theory. It’s cute with my go-to plaid Madewell shirt tied at the waist because it helps dress it down a bit. But the thought of dancing at a grimy nightclub in a white maxi skirt sort of terrifies me.

Okay, so this one is a bit of a curve ball – and it’s probably a little too chill for the work Christmas party. But, I am weirdly loving this sparkly cropped sweater from Topshop. It’s almost sliding into tacky Christmas jumper territory, but not quite. In fact, it is perfect for Christmas Eve… but I will happily wear it without an ounce of irony well into February.

Okay, help me out… what’s your vote?

***If all else fails, I may resort to wearing this lust-worthy jumper with leather shorts and trainers. I’m pretty sure I would win Christmas.

Hotline Bling Jumper

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