Why I’m loving ASOS White label

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty huge fan of ASOS. I’ve spent many an evening sipping red wine, binge watching First Dates and scrolling through 100 pages of dresses, jumpsuits and swimwear. I’ll click the ones I like until I have 45 tabs open and I eventually have to restart Firefox. Then I’ll go through my edit, choose the best of the bunch and add them to my cart.

By the end of the session I’ll have 17 or 18 items in the cart – all things that I most definitely need. And then I’ll look at the total and force myself to shut my computer and go to bed without buying a single thing.

My husband finds this habit absolutely baffling, but for me it’s just a fun way to unwind. And it leads me to being weirdly over-familiar with nearly everything they have for sale.

Which brings me to my point. (It’s not a strong point, but I promise there is one.) In the rare occasion when I want to narrow down my choices – perhaps I have only 15 minutes to waste instead of 75 – I filter by brands and select my favourite: ASOS White.

It’s not new exactly: ASOS launched the line in 2014. But it took while for it to earn its number one spot. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a slightly elevated collection that’s a bit more expensive than regular ASOS brand stuff. But it’s much higher quality – and it’s just really cool. It brings that effortless East London look without being too East London.

Some of the pieces are a bit pricey, but they have really good sales. So if you time it right, you can actually score an amazing item on deep discount.

Right now, ASOS White seems to be dominated by over-sized pieces and loose silhouettes. There’s plenty of midi dresses, relaxed jumpsuits, denim and knitwear – and grey, navy, black and white are the key colours. But, there are also some really special cocktail dresses that I have my eye on for the next wedding in the diary.

Now that I think about it, I could probably get away with buying just one piece, right?

Here are 10 pieces that I am feeling the feels over. I also love that this model is the epitome of #hairgoals.


Midi Jumper Dress with Strap Detail, £85

I’d wear this for work or weekend. So cute and cosy!


Midi Dress in Fine Self Stripe, £85

Perfect for a night out when you want to look sexy – but like, “Oh, this old thing?” sexy.


Dress in Mixed Metallic Spot, £59.40 (on sale from £85)

I wasn’t sure this shape could work for me because I have human woman hips – but this looks like the same cut as this other ASOS dress that I wore for a “fall festive” wedding last year. Love.


Jumpsuit with PU Panel, £37.50 (on sale from £75)

This jumpsuit is the perfect mix of weird and cool and it must be mine.


Denim Midi Dress with Panel Detail, £60 (on sale from £75)

Denim on denim on denim. Oh, and did I mention I love a midi?


Printed Panel Jacket, £29 (on sale from £75)

This is probably the most excited sale of the lot… and you know I love a sale. I’d wear this with a white tee and high-waisted jeans.


Trousers in Suede, £90 (on sale from £150)

These oxblood trousers are definitely out of my budget. But they look so amazingly soft and chic, that I can’t keep coming back to them.


Fringed Sheer Stripe Column Dress, £66.50 (on sale from £95)

This would be perfect for a black-tie wedding that I have coming up. Definitely good for dancing.

As I scroll through these picks, I have serious sale FOMO. The better the deal, the more likely these guys are to sell out. Seriously, snap them up because time is running out. The proof is in this amaze knit jumpsuit that I am fiendishly obsessed with and has already sold out! It was just too cool to not share. But ASOS does tend to restock pieces as they get loads of returns – so all hope is not lost.


Knitted Jumpsuit, £85  … Come back, please!

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