You’ll never guess where I got this vest

Five things I enjoy:

  • Plaid
  • Giving new life to old items of clothing
  • Finding hidden treasures
  • ‘Borrowing’ (in the permanent sense) clothes from my dad. Mostly because he has some cool vintage stuff from the ’70s. But partly because it really annoys him. Especially when I sneak into his room to steal his white athletic socks. This was a daily activity when I was in high school – but now I challenge myself to nab a pair or two whenever I visit.
  • Plaid again.

So imagine my delight when this dreamy uber-90s flannel vest was unearthed during my recent visit to Indiana. I owe its discovery to my sister, who had found it weeks earlier in our parents’ basement closet and set it aside as something “a bit too ugly for her to wear but that might find a happy home with her slightly weird sister.” (She also enjoys annoying our dad.)


When she showed me the tartan treat I was attracted to its laughably boxy shape and the label that read: True Grit Americana. We debated for a good 45 seconds over exactly how old it was – and whether it originally belonged to mom or dad.

The first conundrum was solved hours later (after I had created an outfit featuring said vest and hit downtown Indianapolis for an afternoon of wine) when I found a priceless relic in the pocket: two tickets to a Illinois State football game. Dated January 1997.

When we got back to my parents’ house my mom immediately said, “Is that your dad’s vest??” Second question answered.

I imagined my dad (who is actually very cool and stylish, despite how this may make him sound) rocking that baby with a mock turtle neck and tapered dad jeans nearly 20 years ago. Which, come to think of it, would actually be a pretty cool way for me to wear it now. In fact, I could pair it with this tissue-thin polo neck from Zara and these Moto Mid-Blue Topshop jeans I’ve been eyeing. Sure, in the Midwest people would probably think it was a Halloween costume. (What are you? 90s Dad at a College Football Game??!) But in London I’m pretty sure it would be awesome.

However, during our trip I was limited to the items I had brought with me for pairing – so I matched it with my favourite black culottes from & Other Stories, my Moss Copenhagen tank and my trusty Nike trainers.

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