9 awesome things to do in Bath

After nearly three weeks of no drinking (I know. Dry January is a real bitch. The 10 Pound Race is her evil sister.), we threw all rules out the window for a cheeky* weekend away in Bath. It was my first trip to the town and it was absolutely beautiful. Obviously after spending 40 hours there I am now a bona fide Bath expert, so please allow me to enlighten you non-Bath experts with my all-encompassing Bath knowledge.**

So, without further ado… nine – some obvious, some more unique, all very awesome – things to do in Bath.

1 Take pics outside Bath Abbey
Yes, also go inside the Abbey because it’s beautiful and historical and all that jazz. But then stand outside of it and snap some pics because you really can’t beat the backdrop. And just fyi – I’m wearing my red wool coat from Zara, a colourful scarf from Monki, skinny AG jeans and my trusty Nike trainers.

2 Enjoy Sally Lunn’s buns
Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House was recommended by multiple people and it did not disappoint. It’s the oldest eating house in Bath and the basement museum shows what the kitchen looked like back in Sally Lunn’s day. I had an inner turmoil over whether to go savoury or sweet, so thank god my accommodating husband agreed to go halfsies. We shared a bun with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and one with cinnamon butter and clotted cream.

3 Have a drink outside at Browns
No, there’s nothing particularly exciting about Browns – but in this case it’s all about location. There’s a massive outdoor seating area and you can’t beat the view. To your left you’ve got the the river and then Bath Abbey on your right. Plus the fries come with vanilla salt, so that’s pretty legit.

4 Stroll around Hedgemead Park
After eating all of the buns, we needed to get a bit of exercise -so we took a stroll up the hill to this lovely park. When you get high enough you can just start to see over the tops of the street-level buildings and get an amazing view of the valley below.

5 Eat at La Perla
Of all the (one) restaurant we ate at, La Perla was the clear favourite. To get to this trendy tapas spot, you walk down a creaky staircase and enter an underground wine cellar. The atmosphere is very cosy and romantic – and the food is delish. Try the duck egg with chorizo.

Note – I did not take any pics at the restaurant – but I did snap a pic of my outfit before we left the hotel. (Natch.) I’m wearing the same burgundy faux-leather pencil skirt from Warehouse that I wore on my birthday in Copenhagen. I paired it with a navy silk baseball tee from Zara and my go-to patent booties from the gigantic shoe haven, aka Long Tall Sally.

6 Explore the Roman Baths
Yes, this one is obvious. But as far as touristy things go, this was pretty awesome. Plus, you can listen to commentary from Bill Bryson, which is cool.

7 Eat the Oreo cake
For the love of god, eat all the Oreo cake. This slice of heaven comes from The Bridge Coffee Shop, located on the Pulteney Bridge. Maybe it’s because I’ve been avoiding sugar and carbs lately, but it was the stuff of dreams.

8 Listen to jazz at Gascoyne Place
This cute bar has strong drinks, comfy Chesterfield sofas and live jazz music on Friday nights. Win.

9 Get your spa on
Obviously doing the spa thing is a must. We really wanted to do the rooftop spa at Thermae Bath Spa, but the queue on a Saturday afternoon was slightly ridiculous – especially in the rain. Luckily, we were staying at The Gainsborough Hotel, which has its own lovely spa, so we did that instead. Very relaxing.

Stylish hubs: wearing (from the bottom up) Jigsaw, Gap, Reiss, Reiss, (somewhere in Scotland), Marks and Spencer

Warning: cobblestone streets may cause vacant stares
* Brits, am I using it right? I mean, I’m still not quite sure what a cheeky Nandos is, but I think I’ve got a handle on it here.

** Just kidding. I know nothing about Bath. These are just some random things I enjoyed.

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