5 delicious things to eat in Copenhagen


When MR and I go on weekend city-breaks, we typically fall into a familiar pattern. Sure, there are occasional variations – but for the most part, the days involve a combination of the following: drinking coffee, eating eggs, walking aimlessly, taking pictures, drinking wine, shopping, drinking beer, going on a boat tour, drinking wine and making High Fidelity-style lists. (Top 5 slices of pizza ever, go!)

And, of course, then there’s the other main attraction: eating all of the food.

From street vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants (and everything in between), we’re constantly on the lookout for our new favourite spot – and a new delicious dish. And Copenhagen definitely did not disappoint. Of course, one 72-hour trip to the city definitely does not make me an expert. So, I’ll caveat this by saying this is in no way an all-encompassing round-up of the best food in Copers.

It is, however, a lovely list of things that made me make a very happy food face.

Tivoli Hallen Copenhagen

Dish: Smoked filet of pork with scrambled eggs and chives
Restaurant: Tivoli Hallen
Eat it when: you want to try something uniquely Danish.
We stopped into this lunch spot on a recommendation from a friend to try the traditional smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). We were a bit unsure at first – it was very quiet and we were the youngest people in there by a few decades. But once the food came we quit questioning and immediately began stuffing our open-faced sandwiches into our open face-holes. Everything was delicious – including the smoked salmon (pictured at the top), which I had as a starter – but this dish wins because it was different from anything I’ve ever had. Maybe I’ve been leading a sheltered life, but I was not even aware that eating smoked pork like this was a thing. Picture raw bacon… but delicious.

Blod Hat Aps Copenhagen

Dish: Mushroom risotto
Restaurant: Blød Hat Aps
Eat it when: you want a laid-back but romantic meal.
On Saturday night, we decided to have a no-plan plan and just find a dinner spot that looked good. We picked this place because it looked really cosy from the outside – and it turned out to be an amazing decision. We sat at a high-top table in a dim corner by the window and enjoyed the classic rock music as we perused the Danish menu (which the server was nice enough to explain to us). As we waited for our food we ate bread with some of the most amazing, peppery olive oil I’ve ever tasted. Both of our dishes were delish – we also got some sort of pork jaw – but the mushroom risotto was the real standout.

BROR, best dishes copenhagen

Dish: Charred broccoli with mushrooms and veal
Restaurant: BROR
Eat it when: you’re halfway through one of the best meals of your life.
We didn’t plan early enough to get a booking at NOMA, but in the end I’m so pleased we ended up at BROR for my birthday dinner. We did the BROR menu (I think the other option, the Big BROR, would have been way too much) and included the wine pairing (natch). Seriously, everything was amazing – from the beef tartare with pomegranate and avocado mousse to the pan-fried hake. But we both agreed that the charred broccoli with mushrooms and veal was in for the win. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pics because it was really dark and I didn’t want to be that girl.

Hot dogs Copenhagen

Dish: Ristet hot dog
Restaurant: Den Økologiske Pølsemand (DØP)
Eat it when: you’re halfway between coffee and lunch and you want a quick mini meal
There are hot dog stands all over the city, serving some damn delicious dogs. This one happens to be organic – but to be honest, we had no idea at the time. We just smelled some very tasty dogs and hopped in the queue. We picked the classic option – topped with mustard, ketchup, remoulade, raw onions, fried onions and pickles. Well done, Danes.

Lele street kitchen Copenhagen

Dish: Spicy beef salad
Restaurant: LeLe Street Kitchen
Eat it when: you’ve had four Tuborgs and are craving something cheap, quick and surprisingly amazing
This little restaurant is connected to Hotel Alexandra and we clocked it immediately when we checked in. It smelled so good. But it seemed slightly unadventurous to use up one of our meals at what looked like a takeaway Vietnamese. However, we had a bit of time before heading to the airport on the last day and decided to get a few bits. The verdict? So yummy. We had several brilliant dishes but the spicy beef salad was the best – and the sweet chilli sauce was so good I wanted to sneak a few bottles into my handbag. (But I didn’t because I’m not weird.)

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