Can we talk about turtlenecks?


I think my husband and my bedroom floor would both agree that I have a lot of clothes. Many of them are random pieces from Topshop or H&M that I bought for a tenner and wore once but can’t bring myself to throw away.

(Note: I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but I’m definitely miles away from adopting the Marie Kondo method that everyone’s freaking out about.

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The 10 Pound Race… Again

Well, we’ve decided to do it again. Last year MR and I engaged in a friendly little weight-loss competition ahead of our holiday in Thailand. We raced to see who could lose 10 pounds the quickest and found great success. Sure, it took us an embarrassing 103 days to do it because we basically kept losing the last two pounds every week and then gaining them back every single weekend (thanks to booze, carbs and fun). But we did it, and that’s what matters. What does not matter is who won. (Me.)

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5 skirts to buy in the Zara sale

One of the best things about the time between Christmas and New Year’s is the sales. Sure, it makes me cry a little to see the things that I’ve just purchased as gifts at full price are now marked down to the extreme… but it’s a great excuse to pick up a few new items.

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