10 Pound Race: Day 23

weight loss


Total score: -4
Well, I don’t want to brag or anything but I’m pretty much killing this whole #10PoundRace situation. Avid dieters and general healthy types (yes, I’m looking at you, skinny carb-hating coworker) might argue that losing 4 lbs in 23 days is really not that difficult or noteworthy. And yes, I’m aware that many people do juice cleanses or whatever and lose that in one week. But I’m quite proud that I’m continuing to go in the right direction and making somewhat steady progress. Also, I’m still having 2 days a week of booze-filled fun a week, and I like to think that adds to the accomplishment.

Of course, there is one seriously annoying little hurdle standing in the way of my continued weight loss. It’s a holiday that is filled with delicious food and delicious booze and is celebrated pretty much the entire month of December. I already have 5 various work/family parties on the calendar before we go back to the States to start the rest of the Christmas festivities. Things are about to get tough…
But the plan is to just soldier on and try to be SUPER healthy during the times when I’m not celebrating, so I can enjoy the parties a bit more. That means sticking to one little Pret salad at work during the day and drinking lots of water. I also need to amp up my workouts. I’ve been slacking on that a bit – though I did go to my spinning class yesterday morning. And I even convinced MR to come along with me. (Though if he ever starts to catch up with me, I’ll have to cut out this nice-girl act and start hiding his trainers and sneaking out off to the gym without waking him up.)


Total score: -1.5

Right, this isn’t funny any more. Week 1 I’ll admit, I didn’t even bother to try. Week 2 I started to work out and be healthy but then it can take time to start to lose weight so I let that go too. But now Week 3 is upon me and I am working out like a ninja, I am eating like a small tiny mouse, and I’ve only lost 1.5 lbs !!! What the hell. Now I am not the kind to give up easily, I will continue this crusade until I crush my small belly under a pile of low-calorie popcorn and spin classes.

Let’s talk about food. I am now eating the following during a typical work day:

  • 1x 70 calorie low-fat yoghurt (I know, it’s embarrassing)
  • 1x Giant Coffee (I’ve mentioned that I refuse to give this up)
  • 1x chicken salad (a tiny model would eat this) OR 1x small sushi (I’m too scared to look up calories in sushi but I think there aren’t many)
  • 1x metcalf skinny sea-salt popcorn for mid afternoon snack (Yes really, skinny)
  • For dinner it’s a selection of healthy chilli, healthy pizza (<400 cals), diet singapore noodles cut with brocolli.

And most importantly of all NO BOOZE!! (except on Wednesday I did because a good friend is leaving town). I mean come on! It’s ridiculous. On top of this I have been showing all the symptoms of someone slowly starving themselves to death: irritability, tiredness, brain work not issues. Part of me is a little bit worried that someone might mug be just because I clearly look like a man who couldn’t put up a fight right now…

The only thing I can think of that might be to blame is the following. Lets say on average a guy will fluctuate 4lbs day to day just because of various issues with water retention and well poo. So when I started at -0 lbs I was near the bottom of this range (but my average was on average 2 lbs higher) and yesterday on my weigh-in I was near the top of the range (so my average should be 2lbs lower). So a bit of math suggests that potentially I could be on -5.5 lbs. So in some ways you might say that I am crushing this challenge. I nearly made you a graph but MRS said I needed to calm down and I was taking this too seriously…

***Breaking News*** today I found out MRS’s methodology for calculating her weight loss. She rounds DOWN to the nearest pound… I mean, that’s got to be very far down the list of ways to measure weight loss accurately… Hey MRS I’ve invented a new method of working out weight loss, I like to call it “round my weight down to the number number that means I’ve lost 10 lbs”…

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