10 Pound Race: Day 29

Friends Thanksgiving pants

Let’s start off with total honesty. This post is being published on Day 31, but it is actually an update from Saturday, which was Day 29. Now that may sound like a shameful betrayal of truth and accuracy, but I do have a justifiable reason. Because we were working on Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) on Saturday night. And no well-respected American (or Briton married to an American) should ever be forced to subject themselves to a weigh-in immediately following a Thanksgiving feast. (At least give me a day to wash and fold my Thanksgiving pants!)

So, back we go to the Saturday morning, a blissful time before we had consumed our body weight in stuffing and pumpkin pie…


Total score: -5

I’ve officially arrived at the 5-pound mark – which means I’ll be cashing in on my fancy (low-calorie!) home-cooked meal from MR this week. Yay!

It’s been a bit slower than I had hoped, but I’ve made pretty steady progress. I’m starting to notice a difference in my body and my pre-wedding clothes are starting to fit. And a friend’s husband even told me he could tell I had lost weight. (Granted, we were talking about the 10 Pound Race, so it may have just been obligatory politeness – but I’ll take it!)

So far I’m contributing my weight loss to the following factors:

  • Exercise. Now, I certainly haven’t been doing as much as I should – but I have been consistently doing at least 2 spin classes a week and trying to fit in more walks throughout the day.
  • Fewer carbs. I’ve cut out pretty much all carbs before dinner. (So long, peanut butter toast!)
  • No snacking. I’m not sure if this is the healthiest approach, but I’ve cut out breakfast and snacks at work. I’m only eating lunch (a protein-packed salad) and drinking coffee.
  • Leon. Speaking of lunch… a new Leon just opened near my office and it has so many delicious options for low-calorie, low-carb lunches.
  • No weekday booze. I’ve been trying to stick to my no booze during the week rule… with varying success. This week we went out on Thursday (it was Thanksgiving, after all!) but I only had 2 glasses of red wine.
  • Pre-made healthy dinners. Before we were often so busy during the week that we’d make a last-minute decision to get a shockingly unhealthy takeaway for dinner. But we’ve been trying to make an effort to prepare healthy meals that we can save and eat all week. On Tuesday, MR made a delicious healthy chicken curry that we’ve been working our way through.
  • Water. I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water. I’m still probably not up to normal people levels of hydration, but it has helped to keep me from snacking at work.

Now the next challenge is redeeming myself after that Thanksgiving binge – and then getting through this week of early Christmas drinks without too much trouble. Wish me luck!

Thanksgiving dinner


Total score: -2

I can’t figure out where I am according to Kübler-Ross, but it’s somewhere between Bargaining and Depression I suspect. I’m way past Denial and Anger…

Things that should have helped the competition:

  • I’ve been keeping the diet going well — lots of salads and sushi…
  • I’ve kept the snacking down to just healthy popcorn…
  • There’s been no drinking during the week

Things that could have gone against me:

  • The diet hasn’t been going very well, two Thanksgiving dinners, one at a pub!
  • Turns out that buying a bunch of chocolate coins to put on the tree just equals eating a bunch of chocolate coins and needing to buy some more coins for the tree.
  • I drank quite a bit this week, as much as I like to highlight the times when I wasn’t drinking, I can’t hide from the fact that this wasn’t all of the time.

On the upside, I have now increased my work run to 7k, and managed to get round without looking like I swam back through the Outer Dock. I will be keeping this going next week assuming I don’t come down with some horrible disease… (actually a horrible disease might help a bit — assuming it’s the right kind).

So I am now faced with three choices to kick-start things again:

1. Do I switch up my workout to include weights? This is a real tough one. While it will probably result in better visible results, I suspect for the competition it would mean I would gain weight before losing it.
2. Do I take the advice of a co-worker and try out the 5-2 diet… I’ve been dreading thinking about this, I really don’t know if I could make it through a whole day with no food whatsoever without throwing myself out of the window.
3. I thought about cheating again… MRS has her very non-mathematical way of rounding down so it wouldn’t be completely unfair. Although I should probably not write about this idea too much, I have a feeling MRS just does a cut-n-paste of my post without really reading it anyway…

I’m all out after these… anyone have any ideas?

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