10 Pound Race: Day 77

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Score: -9

Let’s just start things off by saying: Yahoo! For weeks I was kind of just going up and down , losing a bit of weight on the weekdays and then gaining it back on the weekends. And then this week the numbers started to drop. I’m now just one teeny tiny pound away from winning The 10 Pound Race. (Maybe if I can do it in less than 80 days I can be slightly less embarrassed about how stupidly long it’s taken.)

So, basically I’ve just been continuing on, making healthy choices and cooking a lot. Clearly, we’re obsessed with zoodles (check out all our awesome meal ideas here), but we decided to stop being weird and mix it up a bit this week. MR made this ridiculously amazing vegetable chicken soup and it’s been feeding us for the past few days. (I’ll let him fill you in on the details.)

I’ve also been working out a bit more. I went to the gym 5 times this week – and I’ve found that if I do the spin bike or elliptical while listening to This American Life, times flies by and it’s slightly less terrible.

I know I’m supposed to wait until I actually win (yep, feeling pretty confident over here) to buy my prize. (By the way, I’m thinking it will be these suede over-the knee Blondo boots!) But I’m so excited about my weight loss that I’ve started ordering clothes for our upcoming holiday. We’re heading off to Abu Dhabi and Thailand at the end of February, so obviously I need like 65 bikinis, as well as new mom jorts and lots of crop tops and strappy dresses. Damn you, 10 Pound Race… you’ve opened the shopping floodgates.


Score: -6

Chicken soup. (Just planting the seed. More on that later.)

The running is going well. Two 7k lunchtime runs where I didn’t look completely foolish among my colleagues.

Although I feel things are headed in the right direction I still can’t get into my tight ski pants that I bought at my slimmest ever. It was a sad evening packing for my first weekend ski trip in about 7 years when I realized I would have to take my fat pants with me.

I’ve also rediscovered my mum’s chicken soup recipe, which is chicken and veg boiled blended and seasoned with stock, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce (MRS refused to allow me to add the critical parsley — sorry, Mum). It’s easy to make and damn tasty. Based on what went into it, I’d say there can’t be more than a few hundred calories per bowl. MRS loved it and I earned some serious brownie points.

The big question now is: Will the exercise from skiing offset the apr├Ęs ski that I intend to partake in?

vegetable chicken soup

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