The 10 Pound Race: a friendly weight-loss competition

10 Pound Race

I’ll just go ahead and say it: I’ve been utterly shit at fitness lately. I think I’ve worked out once in the past eight months. ONCE. And yes, I belong to a gym that is not at all cheap and I die a little inside when the payment comes out every month. I’ve calculated how much that one workout cost me, and let’s just say for that price it should have been a personal training session with Ryan Gosling. In Bali. (Instead it was just a run-of-the-mill cycle class. No celebrities to be seen.)

Of course, my husband (and a few friends and coworkers) have heard me bitch about this from time to time and they always ask incredulously: “Why don’t you just cancel your membership?” But to me that was admitting that I was giving up – so instead I would vow to just start going again. But the non-gym days turned to weeks and then months. I always found some excuse to stay in bed or just go to brunch or drink a bottle of wine, instead.

The lack of discipline has extended to my diet, too. I’ve been scarfing loads of Papa Johns, Chilango (if you’re not familiar, it’s like Chipotle on crack), Oreos, pints of beer and large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. It’s not like I’ve pulled a Val Kilmer or anything (I do sneak some salads in there), but I’ve definitely gained a bit since my wedding two years ago.

So I decided I needed some extra motivation – a bit of accountability and a healthy dose of competition to keep me on track. Because my husband is feeling the same way as me, we decided to team up (or oppose up?) and start a new joint section of the blog. Enter: THE 10 POUND RACE.


What is the 10 Pound Race?

Starting now, this husband and wife team is turning on each other in an all-out battle. Okay, it’s definitely not as serious as that. It’s actually just a friendly little competition. We’re racing to see who can lose 10 pounds the fastest. Winner gets bragging rights – and real prizes. We’ll share our progress along the way and keep you updated right here. Though because he’s a bit more internet-shy than me (and because it amuses me), we’ll refer to each other formally as MR and MRS.

What are the rules?

Pretty much anything goes – within reason. But there are a few guidelines:

1. Don’t make it weird. The aim is to do this in a sustainable healthy way – you know, of the “eat less, move more” variety. No extreme fasting or crash diets.
2. No sabotaging each other. We are a married couple who have loving feelings toward each other (most of the time), so you wouldn’t think this would be a problem. But I just want to make it clear that there is to be no Mean Girls-style sabotage. Keep your Caltine Bars to yourself, husband.
3. Give regular updates. We’ll be posting here a couple times a week to tell you how we’re doing. No slacking.
4. Don’t be totally unfun. When we were shedding for the wedding, we found out that cutting out alcohol is the quickest way to lose weight. But we still want to maintain some form of social life, so we’ll still booze, go out for meals and see our friends (you’re welcome, friends). We’ll just be a bit more restrained and strategic.

What does the winner get?

Each week, we’ll share how much weight we’ve lost (or not lost… or gained?! hopefully not). We’ll announce a weekly winner, who just gets bragging rights. The first person to reach 5 pounds will get a delicious (and healthy!) meal cooked by the other person. And then the first person to 10 pounds gets to buy something special as a treat for themselves. We haven’t chosen what the items will be, but mine will likely be either coat or bag-related. His will probably be something techy/nerdy.

Watch this space to hear how we get on. Please share any tips along the way – we need all the help we can get! x

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