The 10 Pound Race… Again

Well, we’ve decided to do it again. Last year MR and I engaged in a friendly little weight-loss competition ahead of our holiday in Thailand. We raced to see who could lose 10 pounds the quickest and found great success. Sure, it took us an embarrassing 103 days to do it because we basically kept losing the last two pounds every week and then gaining them back every single weekend (thanks to booze, carbs and fun). But we did it, and that’s what matters. What does not matter is who won. (Me.)

Well, we’ve decided to go for round two. If you kept up with the race last year, I cannot in any way guarantee or even suggest that these posts will be interesting to read. But for some reason it was the idea of putting the goal out into the blogosphere that inspired us to stick with it last time.

So we’re trying that method again. I mean, I couldn’t just declare a 10 Pound Race and then give up halfway through? What would my tens of readers thing?

Stay tuned… or don’t. But if you know me and I ask you about it IRL, then just pretend you’re reading so I can let the fear of public failure wash away my hangry rage. Otherwise, move on and patiently wait for more ramblings about turtlenecks.


Last year I was feeling particularly charitable to MRS and decided that my strategy of drinking lots of beer and not working out enough coincided with my love of… drinking lots of beer and not working out enough. However I wasn’t expecting MRS to lord her “win” over me with such gusto and so this year I was quite happy to hear the 10 pound race was back on. This year I will not take any prisoners (well one prisoner)…

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