The 10 Pound Race: Day 1

healthy pizza


Total Score: -0

We decided to start The 10 Pound Race on November 1. Some people might say it wasn’t wise to start a new fitness routine the day after hosting a Halloween party, when the possibility of crippling hangovers was at its highest. But somehow I managed to wake up before 11am (shocking) and make it to the gym in time for spinning class. (I did waste about 10 minutes actually searching for and locating my trainers, which is just sad.)

So, yes, I worked out today. HURRAY! As expected, it was very hard. I skipped several turns of the dial and wasn’t completely committed during the very loooong session of “jumps”. But afterwards I felt awesome. We had a pretty indulgent sushi lunch and a cheeky pint – but it could have been worse. And also, we stayed in (on a Saturday night!), cooked homemade healthy pizzas (pic above) and drank no wine.

So, all in all, I’m pretty proud of my Day 1 accomplishments.


Total Score: -0

Well this didn’t start well. We had some friends over for a few drinks last night and I had forgotten about the competition. MRS was unperturbed, she was going to the gym. So I went with her. It turns out our gym has a nice lobby area where you can sit around and work… so I did just that. Then after her gruelling spin class I joined her in the steam and sauna room for a quick relax. I don’t think I am going to shift the pounds this way. 

I weighed myself today, I am going to update you by number of pounds lost, so today I am at -0 lbs / -0 kg.

Also I have made an executive decision, nothing good comes form starting something on a Saturday. So I’ll be starting for real on Monday!

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