The 10 Pound Race: Day 16

10 Pound Race, weight loss


Total Score: -3

Now this is more like it! In the past week I’ve lost 3 pounds and I’m starting to get into my healthy groove. I went to spinning on Monday morning (yes, I finally forced myself to get out of of bed for a 7am class!), and it really set me on the right track for the rest of the week.

Monday night we made a HUGE pot of super-healthy chili that we’ve pretty much been eating every night for dinner. I’ve also been trying to be really careful about what I eat in the office, which means drinking lots of water and avoiding the goodies that well-meaning (read: evil) colleagues bring in to share.

super-healthy chili: a dieter's BFF

I also sit next to a completely lovely (and annoyingly thin) woman who has been preaching on the evils of carbs. I’ve always followed the “eat fewer calories” mantra, but she swears that weight loss is just about avoiding carbs as much as possible – and I think she may be right. I’ve been trying to cut them out and eating salads from Pret (like this yummy one … or this yummy one). And when I do find myself reaching for a piece of toast, my friendly deskmate shoots me a side eye that shames me into pushing it aside. (Thanks for the motivation, girl!)

Of course, the other reason I’ve started to drop a few pounds is that I’ve been limiting booze. I actually didn’t have a single drink until Friday evening. Then Saturday I went to my spinning class again and had a healthy lunch… and then pretty much threw all thoughts of healthy eating out the window and went to a very delicious/naughty dinner at MEAT Mission. (We’re talking Fried Pickles, Monkey Fingers, Dead Hippie Burger… the works.)

BUT! The good news is that I actually weighed exactly the same when I woke up this morning – still 3 pounds down! (However, I then proceeded to consume the most amazing barbeque at Pitt Cue, along with 2 PBRs and a Pickle Back… but that’s tomorrow’s problem.)

Now, to keep on this track I really need to step my workouts up to at least 4 times a week (starting with tomorrow morning!) and have a few very low-carb days to make up for this weekend binge-fest. Stay tuned…



Total Score: -1

So I feel like one of those overloaded planes bumbling down the runway trying to get airborne. I’m basically at the lift-off and bump back down stage. I was -1.5 at one point this week and then back to -0 again (yes minus zero, thank you). I stumbled over the line this morning to -1 and to be honest I am a bit disappointed.

I know it’s only the second week but I expected a little more of myself. MRS is doing quite well and is happy to tell me about it — I saw her photoshopping one fat cat and one skinny cat and I am hoping to goodness that isn’t the cover photo for this post…

So on the exercise front: I’ve managed to get out for three 5k runs this week. I mean they are more like jogs at this stage but I can feel my fitness returning slowly. Unfortunately there is a really nice chinese restaurant about 1k into the run which is quite demoralising — I think next week I am going to run the course in reverse. I’ve done no weights so far and I think I will go one more week just running before I do anything too crazy.

I’ve been pretty good with my diet too. Salads and sushi a-plenty. I also knocked up a turkey chilli which has been keeping us going all week (I’m getting a bit sick of it now). We have also dusted off the old “healthy-pizza” which is basically ragu on a tortilla and some veg and cheese on top. It isn’t half bad, and if I close my eyes I can almost imagine it’s real pizza.

Overall a rather humiliating defeat to MRS this week but I am getting ready to bring out my secret weapon in a few weeks time… More on that next time.

Read the official rules for The 10 Pound Race here!

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