10 Pound Race: Day 77

dancing cat


Score: -9

Let’s just start things off by saying: Yahoo! For weeks I was kind of just going up and down , losing a bit of weight on the weekdays and then gaining it back on the weekends. And then this week the numbers started to drop. I’m now just one teeny tiny pound away from winning The 10 Pound Race. (Maybe if I can do it in less than 80 days I can be slightly less embarrassed about how stupidly long it’s taken.)

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Did I mention we’re obsessed with zoodles?

zoodles recipe ideas

A love letter to Zoodles…

I’ve discovered a new diet food that has pretty much changed everything. Yes, I realise that sounds dramatic. I also realise that I may not be in a position to give trustworthy diet advice. If you’ve been following the 10 Pound Race, you’re probably thinking: “Wow, 72 days and you still haven’t lost 10 pounds? Channing Tatum could have lost 10 lbs 1,264 times by now.”

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10 Pound Race: Day 72

10 Pound Race

Well, let’s just get this out of the way: I officially failed at updating the blog during the month of December. Blame it on the shopping, the crazy work schedule, the Christmas parties, the travelling and the drinking of all of the booze. But I somehow let it slip off my radar. (Though I have been pretty diligently updating my Instagram account, so at least that’s something!)

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10 Pound Race: Day 29

Friends Thanksgiving pants

Let’s start off with total honesty. This post is being published on Day 31, but it is actually an update from Saturday, which was Day 29. Now that may sound like a shameful betrayal of truth and accuracy, but I do have a justifiable reason. Because we were working on Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) on Saturday night. And no well-respected American (or Briton married to an American) should ever be forced to subject themselves to a weigh-in immediately following a Thanksgiving feast. (At least give me a day to wash and fold my Thanksgiving pants!)

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