10 lovely things from River Island

River Island winter

If you follow my posts (or my credit card bills) you know that River Island isn’t always in heavy rotation. But for the prices, RI is definitely worth perusing at least once a season. What started out as a quick click-about as I scarfed down a skinny ham & edam from Crussh (more on that later) at my desk today quickly turned into much a more involved investigation.

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Lust List: Spring Duster Coats

Spring Duster Coats

During my junior year of high school, I had a minor obsession with duster sweaters. I mean, they were the thing to wear. I remember spending an entire paycheck from my lifeguarding job on one particular amazing duster sweater from Free People and then proudly parading around the halls of my high school in it, thinking I was so freakin’ cool. Sure, other students stepped on it when I sat down in class,  and the bottom got super dirty. But I loved it.

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