10 Pound Race: Day 103

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Total score: -10.5

Well, we have officially passed the 100-day mark. Also known as the point in which this friendly competition – that was meant to be fun and last about six weeks – has turned into a somewhat sad and discouraging account of one reasonably fit couple’s weekly loss and gain of the same bloody two pounds.

(Yes, after living here for nearly two years, I now occasionally use British slang whilst going off on hangry rants. Also, I’ve been using the term hangry a lot lately, as it pretty much describes me all the time – except when I’m cuddled up on the couch watching Mad Men or The Bachelor. At those points I’m just regular hungry, not hangry. And on a further note, there needs to be a term to cover the feeling of anger over wanting to drink wine… especially when I’m trying desperately to stop drinking solo bottles of Sauvignon Blanc on Monday nights. Thrangry? Wangry? Drangry? We’ll come back to that.)

Okay, so after the world’s longest digression, I can finally announce that the 10 Pound Race is over!


So, in reality, I actually met the goal on Day 83 – just five days after my last post. But that weigh-in just happened to be the morning we left for Paris. For the next 48 hours MR and I pretty much just ate the most delicious foods on Earth and drank a constant stream of red wine. It was amazing…. and fattening. But seriously, I could move into L’Avant Comptoir and just live out my final days there, eating only prosciutto with artichokes on waffles.

Anyway, the very next weekend I went to New York and stuffed my face with sushi, tacos and biscuits and gravy. And dirty martinis. And Prickly Pears. Needless to say, my 10 pound loss didn’t last long. In fact, my weight spiked and it took me until TODAY to recover. And because MR was feeling very strict, he decided that my win shouldn’t count if it lasted less than 24 hours.

So now I’m back at the goal weight for the second time – and it’s time to celebrate. I’ve been working my butt off for the past 10 days, eating super healthy meals and spinning like a mad woman. I’ve even been successfully limiting mid-week booze – though my girlfiends did mention that they miss my wine-fuelled rants during Bachelor Tuesdays. After all that hard work, I’m super motivated to keep it up and maybe lose another pound or two in the next 10 days – to make up for the 25 pounds of pad kee mao and red curry I’m going to eat in Thailand!

Oh and before I forget the most important part… I got my REWARD! My prize for winning The 10 Pound Race was these amazing suede over-the-knee Blondo boots. I had them delivered to NYC and it was love at first sight.

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Total score: -7

Well, the inevitable has finally happened. (I checked – this time there was no rounding.) Sincerest congratulations to you, MRS. Can we go back to boozing on the weekdays now, please?

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