10 Pound Race: Day 72

10 Pound Race

Well, let’s just get this out of the way: I officially failed at updating the blog during the month of December. Blame it on the shopping, the crazy work schedule, the Christmas parties, the travelling and the drinking of all of the booze. But I somehow let it slip off my radar. (Though I have been pretty diligently updating my Instagram account, so at least that’s something!)

I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed at my lack of discipline with the updates or the fact that we’ve reached Day 72(!) of the 10 Pound Race, and we still haven’t reached the finish line. We went to see Foxcatcher tonight (amazing, by the way – rooting for *Steve Carell for the Golden Globe tonight), and there’s a scene where Channing Tatum’s character loses 12 pounds in 90 minutes. 90 MINUTES. Seriously, this is getting awkward.

But, now we’re back in London, we’re firmly back into the daily work grind and we’re completely out of excuses. Here’s where we are now…


Total score: -7

Leading up to Christmas I actually stayed really focussed on my weight loss. Because there were lots of parties and celebrations going on, I tried to be even more rigid with the diet and exercise during the down times. Before we headed back to the States for Christmas, I was actually down to -9 lbs. So close to the goal! But once we got there, all hell broke loose, so to speak. We gorged on pasta, mashed potatoes, ham, cake, cheese, butter. So much butter. And even though I brought my running shoes, they stayed securely packed in my suitcase the whole week.

But this past week, I’ve been trying really hard to get back on track. Our shower has been broken for about 10 days now, which has provided some added motivation to get to the gym. Seriously, there’s nothing sadder than actually making the effort to go the gym… and then only taking a shower and not actually working out. (Though, I did do that once.)

And we’ve been pretty good with the dieting. We’ve discovered a little secret called zoodles, and we are seriously addicted. (Read more about their magical powers here!) I’m also really into these Snack a Jacks caramel rice cakes. There’s only 51 calories per cake, so I got a pack to keep at my desk and I’ve been having one with a coffee for breakfast in the mornings – and sometimes another one in the afternoon.

The real problem is that I seem to have gotten into a pattern of losing about 1.5 pounds a week and then gaining a pound over the weekend. (Damn you booze and lovely dinners out!) So, it’s slow going. But the good news is that I can really tell a difference. My perfect pair of high-waisted trousers that I just had tailored in November are now too big. And I also tried on a dress that I wore on my Bachelorette weekend in Vegas, and it fits! (It’s entirely too short and sparkly to wear anywhere other than Vegas… but it fits!)

Initially the goal was to lose 10 pounds by Christmas – but that ship has sailed. New goal is to lose the remaining 3 pounds by Jan 29 when I head to New York City. Wait, there’s a weekend trip to Paris in between there, which might make things difficult. (Mmm… croissants, red wine, cheese!) Oh well, let’s just see how it goes.

*BTW, has anyone else noticed how sexy Steve Carell is looking these days? Definitely NOT in Foxcatcher – but in those promo interviews… yes, please.


Total score: -5

Blimey, so I thought this would all be over in a few weeks when MRS crushed this challenge and I could revert back to being a bit of a fattie. Since then a few things have happened…

I’ve rediscovered my love for running. I originally thought that a few jogs would get me down the gym again but I haven’t touched a weight machine for a long time now. Instead I’ve found myself happily in a regular three runs a week schedule. It fits nicely into my day and there are a few guys at work that I can regularly rely on to make me run the longer 7k route rather than the easier 4-5k route I would probably choose if I were on my own.

Food hasn’t been a big problem for me either. Admittedly we did struggle a bit over Christmas (my mother-in-law has some amazing recipes and I always miss American hot wings when I’m in London). Mainly my strategy has been to eat less of it which seemed to work quite well. Although recently MRS has decided that I am not miserable enough and she is going to take some of the few comforts I have left and make them healthy… For example, who ever thought of making pasta out of vegetables? It’s just not natural. (Although I will say, courgette spaghetti is actually pretty tasty with tomato and meatballs.)

I decided to try the dry January (during the week) thing that I’ve heard of. It’s going well and is helping me to cut down on booze (during the week). I’ve been challenged a few times about the fact that dry January (during the week) is really just not drinking Monday to Thursday and doesn’t deserve the lofty name I have given it – but, hey, whatever works.

I’ve actually made myself another goal which is regardless of how long it takes MRS to finally win this thing, I am going to carry on the running and make sure I get down to a size where all of my clothes fit again. Between you and I this is -6.5 lbs so I’m not far off. I wouldn’t be surprised if I make this in a few weeks.

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