My Vision For Our New Home

grey and navy living room

It’s pretty crazy to think that I’m officially a homeowner. But now that we’ve celebrated and drank several glasses (err, plastic cups) of champagne in our empty flat, it’s time to actually start whipping it into a livable state and filling it with furniture.

Because I’ve rented apartments until this point, I’ve never really been able to fully decorate a place. And because the flat we’re currently renting is fully furnished, we basically have to start over and buy everything new.

The thought of renovating, furnishing and decorating our new London flat is so exciting — and completely overwhelming. I’ve spent countless hours scouring Pinterest for design ideas, shopping online for furniture, comparing paint swatches and wallpaper samples and popping in and out of shops on Tottenham Court Road.

We’re finally to a point where the big pieces are ordered, the decorators are booked and the colours are decided. But it’s still really hard to envision what it will look like when it all comes together.

To get a better idea, I made a (very rough!) Polyvore creation (above) of what the lounge will look like. These aren’t the exact pieces we’re getting, but it’s similar. (Oh, and the giant white picture frame in the collage is actually supposed to be a baroque mirror. I had to improvise a bit.)

Seeing the grey and navy colour scheme together is making me super pumped to get it all finished.

Some of the bigger items take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery, so we’re looking at mid-July before everything is ready. But once it is, I’ll post a real picture of the room, so we can see how close I came with my digital representation…

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